About Us

From black to white, from left to right, from rich to poor, at the core we are the same and every human is an expression of that. Everything and everyone has a purpose and carries a story. As Gram Media, our ultimate goal is to get as close as possible to one’s true purpose. We are here to document life as it is, with its beauty and pain, because one could not exist without the other. Likewise, our logo carries the Ouroboros, who symbolises an endless dance between life and death. From this dance the creative energy takes its shape.

Gram Media is a creative film and media company based in Tallinn, Estonia. A small but powerful team that is eagerly waiting to tell your story in an utmost compelling and creative way. Gram Media was born in the Netherlands back in 2013 and has been highly active in the field ever since. Through a number of international projects and collaborations we came in contact with a group of Estonians. From there on our interest in Estonia was born and continued to grow. After falling in love with its beauty and depth, we eventually moved Gram Media to our final destination on August 2019, when we settled in Tallinn, Estonia. 

We are offering a wide variety of possibilities in film and media, ranging from commercials, promotional films, events, documentaries and animation. All of these options are fully arranged by us so that our clients can lay back as we guide them throughout the project.

Besides our own productions we are also offering collaborations to other film and media companies in Estonia. Simply because filmmaking is a teamsport and sometimes you are missing some players for your next match. Offering production and or post-production.