Nature is A Canvas

Introducing HumanBeings, a series that aims to improve the viewer’s relationship to their minds by showcasing different humans that are creating from a (somewhat) conscious perspective. By becoming more aware, humans are able to receive information from consciousness itself and transform this into our perceivable world. This we often call art, sometimes we call it something else. In today’s day and age, there is obviously too much creation coming only from the human mind. Although the mind is an epically impressive tool, it is unfortunately a terrible master. We cannot continue to build a world while operating solely from our minds. By making this experimental series, we aim to inspire people from all over the world, to learn about and create more with their whole being, and not just the mind.

The first episode of HumanBeings is with Indrek Nõgu from Saaremaa, Estonia. He felt a need for freedom and creativity about 10 years ago while studying Civil Engineering in Tallinn and decided to move back to the countryside and express his creativity in nature.